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There are so many accessories for humidor, cigar cases, cigar glasses, scissors, cigars that all have a place for cigar lovers and there is always room for new ones in their collections.

Cigar Accessories.jpg

All Accessories

Arturo Fuente King Power Humidor.PNG

Humidors and Accessories

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Lighters and Cutters

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Cigar Cases

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Desktop Accessories

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Other Miscellaneous Accessories

Tüm Aksesuarlar
Cigar Accessories.jpg

All Accessories


A philosophical approach to cigar cutting.

Bell and Ross Humidor.jpg

For some cigar lovers, clocks and cigars form an inseparable duo.



HENK cigar accessories are both creative, extraordinary and very useful.


Would you like to know what's going on inside your humidor without opening the humidor door?


Xikar Verano is distinguished from other Xikar lighters with its flat burner flame.


This cigar is not smoked, but eaten. Real gold chocolate is a good idea as a gift.


Humidors developed to carry our cigars with us, especially outside and in challenging conditions.


Fallon Cuir breathes new life into cigar cases.


The air circulation inside your humidor will allow your cigars to rest more accurately.

havana book1.png

Havana Legendary Cigars gives information about cigars, production and various details.


Brizard and Co. A brand that produces a very stylish and diverse range of cigar accessories.


HF cigar accessories are practical to use and very stylish.

Andre Garcia.png

Andre Garcia cases can carry not only cigars but also other accessories with their hidden compartments.


Perhaps a bit inconvenient but enjoyable way of burning cigars is cedar trash.


The World of the Habano is a very detailed book on Habanos cigars.


The Cigar

The story of the cigar, starting in the soil until touching your soul.

Zippo Bütan İç Çiftli.jpg

Zippo is no longer the fear of cigar lovers.

Benchmade Knife 2.jpg

I studied the cigar knives that we come across more and more in the cigar arena.


How about evaluating your empty cigar boxes and gaining a new hobby?


Although Screwpop is not exactly a cigar accessory brand, it has quite practical accessories.

xikar mum.jpg

Smoking cigars indoors will no longer cause disturbance to those around.

adorini çanta.jpg

Both daily and travel, cigar bags are everywhere now.

XO Cutter.jpg

What's new in Xikar XO breaker and IPCPR.


A humidor worthy of emperors.


A combination of lighter and cutters from Xikar.


Tommy Bahama impresses with the variety of accessories that he constantly changes.

pointy vs flat.png

What is the difference between pointed or flat-tipped blower lighters?


Deniz Gürsoy's book Puro is a pleasing study as a Turkish source


A practical method for extra empty rings to attach to your cigars, for information such as price, year, place of purchase.


Recipes to match your cigar.

Puro Pick Paket.jpg

Handcrafted, eye-catching cigar accessories originating from the blue waters of the Aegean.

Xikar Enso.png

Xikar Enso is here as the younger brother of XO.


Another powerful and useful lighter from Xikar.

salamader ashtray4.jpg

This ashtray with a special form is more than just an ashtray, it is a nice ornament.

davidoff travel humi business.jpg

Davidoff introduced a new concept in the form of an envelope as a travel humidor.

XIKAR Küllük.jpg

Both daily and travel, cigar bags are everywhere now.


Unusual cigar accessories, especially produced using titanium.


Considered one of the pioneers of Pop-Art, Mel Ramos has also worked on cigars.

hoyo seyahat humidor.jpg

Humidor capacity plays an important role when buying cigars. So what is important when buying a humidor?


A notebook where you can keep the features of cigars especially pleasing to you.


Humidor cleaning and preparation is necessary for the first use and after.


You can rely on Boveda to regulate the worry-free, carefree humidor humidity.


What are the differences between acrylic and wooden humidors and the reasons for their preference?

Ekran görüntüsü 2021-09-08 172133.png

A fashionable punch from Les Fines Lames.


ST Dupont's new low-priced lighter series for the new generation.

Cutter Stand.jpg

ST Dupont continues its innovations with accessories that cut and stand at the same time.


Artisan Leaf uses tobacco leaves for accessories, not for wrapping cigars.


Wheeled cabinets that carry food and beverages on airplanes are now also home to cigars.


The glasses are shaped in order to keep your cigar and your drink in the same place at the same time.


Tommy Bahama Cigar Club cigar accessories open up to people with tropical winds.


How about creating your own cigar diary?


Credo makes it easy to use cigar scissors.

cigarix instructions.jpg

Perhaps the simplest but useful cigar stand.

logo lb.png

While smoking cigars indoors, nobody will be able to tell you about the smell anymore.


Cutters and drills for cigar lovers from Victorinox.


Cigar chocolates are a sweet alternative to smoking cigars.


It was almost the only one when it first came out, now there are a variety of cigar stands available in different brands.

LifePod Açık.jpg


Purolarınız hiç bu kadar emniyette hissetmemişti.

Purolu Matara 2.jfif

This flask is perfect for both thirst and cigar pleasure.

Zederkoff Küllük

An ashtray that can be easily moved and used outdoors, especially in camping.

Arturo Fuente King Power Humidor.PNG

Watch companies continue to match their brands with cigar brands.


A useful ashtray with its design that prevents the ashes from being scattered, especially in windy environments.


Cigar Traveler

No more getting caught up in airports with the Cigar Traveler. Even the simplest lighter is now a blower.


An accessory developed for both tasting and matching.

full chair.jpg

Although there are private TV chairs, why not a special seat for smoking cigars?


The anvil was used a lot by Coyote in Looney Tunes. Now we will use it.


A general assessment of cutters and drills.


What kind of boxes can be used instead of the humidor, let's see.


How should we carry cigars on a trip?


If you have not calibrated your hygrometer, you may not be able to match the humidity of your humidor.


A special cigar, special chocolate and lastly a private club.

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