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Leaf Craftsmen


Think about it ... your friend invites you to have a chat with a pleasant cigar ... you enter a room together. The first thing that strikes you is the American bar he had built in the room, decorated with tobacco leaves. Then he puts you in a corner, a comfortable leather beret and brings your drink. Before putting the drink on the table, he puts the coaster on, which is also covered with tobacco. You notice that the lower parts of the walls are covered with wall panels adorned with tobacco leaves, up to the waist level. Finally, you notice the table in a separate corner, which is also covered with a cover made of tobacco leaves. Before you burn your cigar, you feel yourself in one of the tobacco drying rooms. With such a joy, you start to smoke and burn your cigar in company with deep conversation. Of course, then, not without asking, where did so many leaf decorated furniture and accessories come from?

All the accessories I have listed above and more are made by the Artisan Leaf team, which are leaf craftsmen. Using differently dried tobacco from different tobacco, they coat furniture and accessories and add an incredible flair to them.

Artisan Leaf Logo.png

They are slowly trying to bring this craft, which they started in North Carolina in 2014, to every corner of the world via Etsy.

In outline, they use 3 different dried tobacco leaves. First, the leaves are dried by heating the environment by passing the hot air produced in a heat source such as Flue - Cured, or oven, through the pipes. These leaves are close to golden yellow and have a very shining structure. Second, Burley, the way our cigar leaves are actually dried, by hanging and under normal weather conditions, which are both larger leaves and their colors turn browner. Finally, there are leaves that they call Cigar Leaf, cigar leaves, but which they dry directly with the heat of the fire. Here they get the description of Cigar Leaves from the leaves used in Toscano-style cigars and dried by fire.

Bardak Altlığı.jpg
Yılbaşı Süs.jpg

In fact, the products in general may not be that cheap, but the fact that they are unique and eye-catching helps justify these high prices. As I described at the beginning of the article, what products should you have in mind when creating your own cigar room?

Enjoyable smoking ...

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