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Quality Life Accessories

Regardless of the product, the phrase "Quality Life" in the title is a very eye-catching detail for the marketing and sales of the product. So I guess it shouldn't be too surprising that Brizard and Co. chose this description for the accessories they created.

Cryil Brizard, the creator and owner of the brand, says that he has been designing cigar accessories for over 10 years and eventually started to launch his own brand and series. But after branding, we see that the products are no longer just cigar accessories, they are leather bowls, money holders, card holders, etc. It is highly diversified as personal, daily and complementary accessories.

While the brand prioritizes simplicity in its products, it has also chosen the materials it uses from various trees and leathers. As with almost all other accessory brands, different options are offered in the product range from lighters to humidors.

The first product that catches my attention, however, is the "Sottile" lighters, which are very thin and are among the top three lighters with this feature, which are also important for my own use.

Another is the cylindrical desktop humidor, which has a humidifier on the inside of its cover, especially asked by blog followers.

Finally, the "Deck" ashtray, which I find interesting with its different style and usage, has single, double or triple options, which I really like. The interesting aspect of this ashtray is that the place where you can rest your cigar between smoking is not fixed. On the contrary, there are X-shaped stands on the table where you can rest your cigar and they are completely free. Therefore, you can place it wherever you want on the edge of the table. As long as you keep it on the table, you minimize the risks such as slipping or tipping with the help of hidden magnets.

The same materials and patterns have always been used in the accessories. As a result, although they are not sold together as a set, you can buy what you want one by one and make a team. This allows you to be used at home or with you to have a certain integrity.

Although I haven't been able to try any of the accessories yet, I think it seems like a brand worth trying because of the materials and style it uses. You can find other products and details of the brand here.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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