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Cigars and Watches


I saw the first example of how cigar and watch worlds intertwined with each other with the Cuervo y Sobrinos watches I met during the World Cigar Smoking Championship. Naming its brand as "Swiss made with a Latin background", the brand, although Cuban origin, moved its production to the city of La Chaux-de-Fonds, which is famous for its Swiss watch production in 1930. When it was rooted in Cuba, he named the two watch series Torpedo (Pirata) and Robusto, vitola. In addition, the brand uses a humidor as a box to show how inseparable the Cuba and the cigar are, with the watches that use patterns of tobacco leaves on its dial. So when you buy a Cuervo y Sobrinos, you get not only an hour for your arm, but also a humidor for your cigars.

CyS Humidor.jpg
Buceador Manjuari.png
Historiador Habana 1882.png
Pirata Tourbillon Nano Ceramic.png
Day Date Churchill.png
Prominente Habana1882.png

After getting acquainted with this brand, of course, I started to follow the watch-cigar relationship a little more soon, with a little curiosity. Without the need to do much research, different watch brands started to introduce watches that they created together with different cigar brands, both at festivals and in new collection promotions. The first thing I want to mention is Zenith.

The El Primero Chronomaster 1969 Cohiba Edition, which was first unveiled at the Habanos Festival in 2016 for the 50th anniversary of Cohiba, and then the Pilot Type 20, which was presented again at the 20th Habanos Festival by identifying with the Cohiba brand. It must be admitted that it is a complementary partnership.

Zenith Chrono.jpg
Chrono Humidor.jpg
Pilot Humidor.jpg

Do Cubans do it, and new world brands hold back. Hublot and Arturo Fuente have been launching different models of watches that they have been working on since 2012. The first of these is King Power "Arturo Fuente". Later, Hublot Classic Fusion 45mm Fuente 20th Anniversary Special Edition, which was released for Arturo Fuente Opus X's 20th anniversary, is another. Apart from these, there is the Forbidden X model that the duo released in 2015.

Hublot Arturo Fuente.PNG
Hublot Arturo Fuente 2.PNG
Arturo Fuente King Power Humidor.PNG
Arturo Fuente King Power.PNG
20th Anniversary.jpg
AF Forbidden.jpg

So does the job end with the above? Would it be ... Recently, while surfing the internet about this watch - cigar, I came across the HYT brand. Although it does not identify with any brand, I think the H1 Cigar is a very interesting and unconventional watch both for itself and for the materials it uses. The watch operates hydro-mechanically and contains two different liquids in its body. While the colored fluid symbolizes the past, the transparent liquid future symbolizes the moment you are at the junction of the two liquids. The body of the watch is also adorned with a polyepoxy ring with cropped Cigar Rudolfo Vitola leaves inside.

HYT H1Cigare.png
HYT Cigar Leaves.jpg

One common feature of these beautiful watches is of course their prices. They remain quite high in scale as a result of their interior parts, brands, materials used and limited number of production. With that in mind, I also want to share another hour I encountered while searching for something entirely different on the internet the other day. Swatch Cigar Watch. I stumbled upon a time I had never come across before in an interesting way, and I was surprised. In a Europe where tobacco and tobacco products are so much opposed today - I learned that the watch was 1997 - I was very surprised that even Swatch produced such a watch. Since the watch is an old collection, you can get it from websites such as ebay. Although the price is not very high, it may differ from seller to seller depending on whether it is used or new. Although the watch does not come in the humidor like the models above, it comes in a rather large and stylish tube that looks like a cigar tube that goes well with it. As a collection piece, it is again a very beautiful piece.

Swatch Cigar.PNG

My guess is, of course, that these will not be the last examples in the cigar-watch relationship. Therefore, I am sure that we will see other watches associated with cigars from both the above and new brands over time. Let's wait and see.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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