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Victorinox Scissors and Puncher

It goes without saying that one of the beauties that the small country Switzerland offers to cigar lovers should not be confronted with us. This time, I will talk about the cigar accessories released by Victorinox, which produces Swiss army knives and knives, which is well known in the world.

These Victorinoxes, which you will not doubt the sharpness, stand out as an accessory that you can use more comfortably when you go camping or fishing, unlike the ones you use on stylish nights. One of the most well-known features of Victorinox products, which is different from each side (knife, scissors, tornavido, pen, toothpick, etc.), is also good in terms of being even more life-saving in terms of providing different usage possibilities in the situations I mentioned above.

Victorinox cutters are launched with two types of scissors (Cigar 36 and 79) and one type of puncher (Cigar Cutter, Alox).

If we talk about the model with puncher first; This product, which comes with nail file, nail cleaner, knife and scissors features, also has a puncher section that allows cutting in three different sizes. I can say that this product, which comes only in aluminum color, is ideal for campers or fishermen who want to cut their cigars with a puncher.

The cigar scissor alternative is available in two sizes. As you can imagine, the bigger one has more and more different features than its horizon. In the Cigar 36 model, the cigar scissors are accompanied by a knife, nail file, nail cleaner, corkscrew, tweezers and toothpicks. Cigar 79, which is a bigger one, has normal scissors, can opener, small-tip screwdriver, lid opener, large-bit locked screwdriver, cable stripper and a drill in addition to what I counted. Both models are in the usual Ferrari red color of Victorinox and are ergonomically shaped for easy handling.

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