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Winter has come, although we haven't seen much snow this year, rain and wind are not missing from Istanbul. In fact, I have heard a lot from the past that Istanbul has no heat, no cold, there is wind. Because, a lodos work, a hubraz. And yet, smoking a cigar, more precisely, while smoking, it becomes difficult to have the ashes of the cigar on the cigar or in the ashtray.

As we know the importance of the ash of our cigar, it is obvious how windy weather causes smokers. An ashtray that a friend of mine notified me of recently is an accessory to overcome this problem. This ashtray, which comes out under the name of ASHSTAY, actually works with a very simple logic. The ashtray, which looks like a small hill, has cavernous holes for three cigars to enter. These cavities are opened or closed thanks to a mechanism that consists of two parts, upper and lower. When you put your cigar into the ashtray from these large enough cavities, the chances of your cigar and ash to be affected by the wind are minimized. It is also claimed that after the ashtray is closed, odor does not leak out. I cannot know the smell part, but the possibility of smoking without being affected by the wind and my ash affects me more.

In addition, it is possible to use this ashtray not only for winter, but also in places that may be windy in summer. Boats are at the top of these. I think it can be a useful accessory.


Enjoyable smoking ...

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