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Rise of the Titans!

Kronos, symbolizing time, Okeanos symbolizing the oceans, Themis symbolizing justice and Hyperion, the symbol of the sun ... are just a few of the twelve Titans in Greek mythology. The second generation Gods who ruled the world until the Olympian Gods displaced them. However, they have another feature. They are the Gods that were discovered in England in 1791 and inspired by Martin Heinrich Klaproth in 1795 to name Titanium, symbol Ti and atomic number 22.

This precious metal, Titanium, is frequently used with iron or aluminum alloys in industries such as weapons, defense, automotive, aerospace and aerospace that do not want to compromise on both lightness and durability. Of course, although these sectors are also in our area of interest, the cigar industry that concerns us more at the moment. Titanium also found a privileged place in this sector with Solloshi.

Solloshi, a British brand, produces extraordinary cigar accessories, mainly from titanium, inspired by the sectors I mentioned above. As an example, it is a humidor from the cylinder magazine of the Colt brand revolver that I first came across and we know well from cowboy movies. This product, which takes its name from Titan, Themis, which represents justice, can store up to 6 pieces of 7 "x50 vitolas in the bullet chamber until you fire it. According to the information provided by the site, it can rotate thanks to its bearing mechanism and can make the sound of a revolver magazine while rotating.

In addition, for you to fully enjoy your smoking, the cutter / piercer with a punch (6mm / 9mm) on one end and a spike (needle) on the other end, shaped in a CNC machine from a single piece of titanium, and 5.5cm high, its name symbolizing fertility, where you can rest on your cigar during smoking. A stand from Titan Rhea and also made of pure titanium is among the products.

Let's get to the masterpiece of the brand, the tabletop humidor. The capacity of the humidor, which is made by using CNC cut 40 pieces of titanium and tempered glass, has been given as 30. There are indicators showing the temperature and humidity on the front. Again, according to the information on the site, you can add liquid to the humidifier of the humidor without opening the humidor, which is a feature I rarely see.

The brand has several other products, such as a single cigar tube and a cylinder cigar humidor. But the common feature of all of them is that they are made using titanium or alloy. The fact that some of them were produced in limited numbers adds a different value to them, of course, but they are already quite "valuable" in terms of price.

Although the Titans are mythological characters, they are partially embodied in these products they inspire, and they are beautiful. The brand seems to be launching different products in the future, at least it is useful to follow it for eye pleasure.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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