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Armchair Love

Usually, everyone has a comfortable corner, a sofa, in their home. Coffee is drunk in that corner, television is watched sitting on that chair. Es accident, when one of the members of the house is set up in your place, he is immediately "shifted aside" or starts "seat fight". Especially if the father's seat is passed, before the father enters the hall, the mother of the house says, "Come on son, late!" he immediately comes with a warning. One way or another, everyone has a seat love. And yet, there is nothing more natural than wanting to enjoy both our cigar and our favorite and comfortable cigar corner!

However, the seat style that everyone is comfortable with, of course, can differ from each other. But when it comes to smoking cigars, there is a firmly marketed product in the market, especially in recent days. I say that it has been made especially recently because the product, although it is not very new, has started to appear in different sources frequently. I took this opportunity and wanted to share the alternatives for the cigar corner with a few other seats I know.

If we entered the subject with a certain seat, then let's talk about this seat first. Launched under el Purista , a brand of the German company GfL GmbH, and designed by architect Rodrigo Gonzalez and originally attorney Alexander Sauer, this chair is named RA 1.15. The leather parts of the walnut covered seat are painted in a completely natural way. The seat contains everything a person sitting to smoke a cigar might need. While you can comfortably store your cigars in the humidor drawer inside an armrest, which is covered with cedar and contains a humidifier, you can also prepare your cigar for smoking and shake off your ash with accessories such as scissors, cutter, and table that you can keep in the other armrest. In addition, it is also possible to keep glasses and your favorite drink ready in the open storage compartments. So, with a sitting, everything is at your fingertips for evening enjoyment. It's a nice seat, except it's a little too modern for me.

A second alternative is the Cigar Chair , owned by the Italian company Nieri. This is a simpler, more classic and heavier armchair. It may not have as many functions as the RA 1.15 - in fact it has no function other than its ashtray - but with its classic and dignified aura, it is a very nice leather armchair that expresses itself much better and is considered a must-have in every home for me. Today, in the most modern homes, I think it is a piece that gives weight to the corner where it stands.

Imagine for a moment yourself, on a cold winter evening, outside, while the snow is falling, next to a cozy fireplace, smoking your cigar in this berjer, with your feet stretched out. How wonderful it would be, who knows. Well, such an amazing feeling comes with a great price of € 3,000. The puff, by the way, costs around an extra € 1,200. Bergere can also be ordered in different leather colors and textures if desired.

The last alternative I know is the MyCigarChair, designed and produced by the American company Darafeev, in RA 1.15 gauge . The armrest, which has drawers on its armrests that we can use both as a humidor and as accessories, has a simpler air in shape compared to the first alternative. One feature of this seat that you can see as an advantage over its German rival is that you can order the same for the exterior. The outdoor version, made of Teak wood and covered with a more durable and waterproof material instead of leather, offers four seasons of cigar pleasure without changing your seat.

Besides these three alternatives that you can order whenever you want, there is also a seat that is my favorite, although maybe it would be more correct to call it a throne, we cannot reach the original, at least. Besides this throne, which was once auctioned by Rau Antiques, in my opinion, neither RA 1.15 nor MyCigarChair can be read. It is obvious that it is in a different league with its style, antique and functionality. But unfortunately, there is no second from this seat. At least, it is pleasing in terms of visual satisfaction.

Here are the alternatives. Of course, their beauty is discussed in line with personal tastes and preferences, but it is good to know that there are such and similar seats in the market. I think there will definitely be different alternatives to these existing seats in the future. Until then, we can make our choices among them.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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