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To smoke like an emperor ...

In this article, I will share information about an accessory that really impressed me, and I am sure will impress you while reading; Imperiali Geneve Humidor.

It is a brand named Imperiali Geneve , David Pasciuto and Stéphane Nazzal - in their own words - which was established to do what cannot be done, to reach the unreachable, by defying the laws of physics. To that end, the firm recently manufactured a humidor, using more than 3500 mechanical parts - yes, you heard it wrong, 3500 - a must for us cigar freaks, and named it Emperador . Frankly, I cannot guess that this humidor, which I will talk about in details, was released under another name.

The Humidor looks incredibly stylish at first sight. Produced using Swiss watch technology, the watch keeps you punctually informed about the time. If you think that when you approach the humidor, you can open the humidor immediately, you are wrong. First of all, you must know the password that the owner of the humidor has created using the letters of IMPERIALI on the cover and can be entered by touching the letters. When you enter the password, you can now access valuable cigars, and an LCD screen that was previously invisible appears.

From this point on, you witness the features of the humidor that make you feel like a truly emperor. Before choosing one of the 24 cigars that come with a 24k gold plated humidor, you can check the status of your cigars and humidor from 3 different indicators. As you can imagine, the indicators show the humidity and temperature (in one display), the number of cigars inside the humidor, and the power level of the humidor. Interestingly, Emperador does not require any kind of water or other intervention to regulate humidity and temperature. Here's the secret. The humidor always keeps itself stable at an optional 16-18 degrees and 70% humidity.

You have chosen your cigar and are getting ready to smoke it. Emperador comes with cutter, or preferably punch, desktop lighter and ashtray. All of them are more stylish and useful than the other. You perform the cutting with guillotine or punch in 3 different sizes. The cutting process is one of the most important features of this humidor, because you laser determine exactly where the guillotine wants to cut from your cigar, and then the cutting automatically takes place perfectly.

After cutting, you light your cigar with a humidora-specific, 3-flame jet desktop lighter and switch to smoking and when the time comes, you leave the ashes in the ashtray, which is also exclusive to Emperador.

Now let's come to one of the most important aspects, its price ... A good humidor, as we all know, is not a cheap accessory. When you have so many details involved, you can think about the price. Let me say, at least to help you, it has a six-digit price in Swiss francs. Do not be surprised, I did not choose the title of the article, to no avail, to smoke like the Emperor.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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