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Andre Garcia Sheath

When we have to carry our cigars, which we keep in our table top or cabinet humidors at home and in our travel humidors during holidays, from these suitable conditions and carry them with us all day long, of course, they lose a little of their existing moisture and thus the pleasure and taste they will give. Especially, leather covers, which are frequently used due to their elegance, accelerate the process of moisture loss because they absorb moisture too much. So the question is: Is there a cure for this problem?

Yes there is! Andre Garcia Cigar Cases offers us cigar lovers a product that will be a cure-all for this problem. The covers in the Pack & Go product range allow us to carry the cigars we carry with us for daily use without losing their moisture after removing them from our humidors and enjoying them as they should at any time of the day. It is possible to order the covers with 3, 4 and 5 options, in Robusto, Churchill or Double Corona sizes, by printing the initials of your name, from among the different leather options offered. The inside of the sheaths is of course covered with cedar wood. But more importantly, there is a moisture device in the zippered part of the lower compartment. Thus, we can move our cigars around us throughout the day without losing their moisture.

The most important point that separates them from travel humidors is that they are suitable for daily use like the normal covers we use. Pocket sized and light. In addition, as you know, travel humidors are usually carried in a horizontal position and when this is placed upright, it can sometimes cause the cigars to get wet by spilling the water in the humidifier. However, you can use these covers in your jacket pocket, business bag, etc. you can carry it upright. These covers are also available as tall as the travel humidor. You may even be familiar with them from the sales style of H.Upmann Robusto. By the way, I hope that I will soon devote an article to these Robusto.

Apart from this cover to keep cigars moist for everyday use, I would like to share a similar suggestion. You can remove the thin humidifier of your travel humidor, which you have almost all of you, and put it in your double or triple cigar case to prevent leakage. With this simple solution, you will be missing a cigar in your holster, but at least your cigar will be stored properly. Let me also mention that moisturizers filled with gel balls are a bit more suitable for this job.

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