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Where does this fragrance come from?

Research highlights that scent is the senses that stimulate human memory the fastest among the senses, and at the same time, can revive both the most and the oldest memories. The reason for this is that the structure that enables us to smell and nose is an extension of the limbic system, which plays an active role in the memory and emotion management of the brain. That's why it's also called the "emotional brain". Even you can immediately test which memories of childhood or youth come alive in your mind by trying different scents. The scent of the sea while playing with your friends on the beach, or the perfume of your first girlfriend. Be sure, even if you don't think of a fragrance right now, the scent of that perfume will immediately envision its silhouette in front of your eyes. Based on the same perception management, this is why you can now smell a different from every store you pass by.

For us cigar lovers, it is very important that our cigar, as we have always mentioned, appeals to our sense of smell as well as to the senses such as eyes, skin, and tongue. Although we can distinguish many flavors with our tongue, our cigar can offer us many different flavors and aromas from the time that blue smoke sets off towards our nose until it leaves. For him, even if it comes from a distance, from a place we cannot see, that cigar smell is enough to activate almost all of our perceptions.

Of course, this applies to those who, like us, see smoking cigars as a pleasure and enjoy it a lot. Unfortunately, I cannot say that the use of tobacco products can be seen as a shame even in closed places where the use of tobacco products can be seen as a shame, even from a distance, I cannot say that the perceived smoke evokes the same pleasant and pleasant memories for everyone. Everyone should be respected in terms of their choices, so there is no need to dig into the subject. However, this situation can deprive people of the pleasure of smoking cigars even in a fixed room in their home for the enjoyment of their spouse and children or other individuals living in the house, even if they do not have guests.

Although you may be familiar with the remedies technology has produced from different lounges you visit or your friends' house, these can sometimes be expensive solutions because of their lining. Since not everyone can install the ventilation system of a cigar lounge in their home, is there a more affordable and effective way to do this than opening a window? I learned that it happened with my discovery that confirms the logic of “the most beautiful discoveries and inventions are the result of need” ... Lampe Berger.

Lampe Berger is actually a room fragrance at its simplest. Well, everywhere there is room fragrance, perfume, spray, what is the difference? As someone who tried other room fragrances and did not get very useful results, I thought so in the first place. However, in line with the information I received during the sale and after trying it, I saw that it was not so. The use of this product, which was invented in 1898 by pharmacist Maurice Berger to purify and purify the bad smelling air in hospitals, is also spreading to homes due to its success. I think the point of purifying the existing odor in the air is important. Because Lampe Berger does not change the existing odor in the air by covering it, but by first purifying the odor and then giving it its own scent. This means that the smell you want completely dominates the room for a long time, rather than hiding the bad smell.

Here are just a few of the different bottles you can use according to the decoration of your home.

So, what if we want our noses not to be affected by external factors and odors while smoking our cigar and enjoy our cigar without spoiling the whole taste and aroma? This is Lampe Berger's second different point. Lampe Berger also offers an option where you can purify the existing air without giving any odor to the air. This prevents you from being exposed to other artificial aromas while enjoying your cigar, as well as the smell of cigars for those who come to the room after you.

I bought myself from the option that I can only use the air to purify it and also give the scent of the red cedar wood used in the humidor. After all, cedar scent is one of the scents we cigar lovers prefer. It is a pleasant fragrance that you can use to avoid hearing, especially after enjoyment at home.

Lampe Berger in Turkey in Herend Porcelain Store can find. There is also the opportunity to shop online. I think it is a must-try product before investing in a large ventilation system or a treatment that requires constant filter cleaning. Even if you don't think it works, you just use it to give the guests a nice scent.

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