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Would you share your cigar with a reptile?

Salamanders are a type of lizard that is born with gills and later loses its gills and comes to land from water but can still live in water. In our country, the yellow-stained salamanders that we encounter in Adana, Mersin, Hatay, Erzincan, Bitlis and Southeastern Anatolia are also protected species. Salamanders also have a very wide mouth. However, there is no evidence that these reptiles, which can live both in water and on land, have smoked cigars until now. So, as in the title, there is no need to share your cigar.

However, this animal, which has nothing to do with cigars, inspired the glass company Czevitrum to design an ashtray with its mouth. The shape of the crystal ashtrays, each of which is produced individually, without mold, by blowing method, is compared to the face of a salamander with an open mouth. You put the cigar on the upper part of this ashtray, which has a very wide mouth, that is, on the forehead of the salamander, rest it between your eyes and either shrug the ash voluntarily into its mouth or wait for it to fall off spontaneously while resting. The ashtray, which has a very stylish appearance, adorns your home as a very pleasant decoration piece apart from the usual ashtrays.

Ashtray, EUR 320.- 'to Czevitrum's own web store from Smartdesignstore abroad or you can give orders, selling some houses and cigar accessories are able to find in the shops. You can also consider the interior of the ashtray in different colors such as blue, black, yellow or red.

Although it is a bit expensive, it is a very nice and decorative piece.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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