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It does but is it true?

I recently received a very interesting gift from someone sweet with honey. In an unexpected moment, a package was fired in my hand saying "I bought you a cigar". As I looked at the package with excitement and astonishment, my eyes caught the Eataly logo on the package. I thought to myself, since when did Eataly have been selling cigars, and what good news it was if they started selling them.

When I took the package and saw a wooden box the size of a single cigar would fit in, I was even more surprised. I said, Culebra? But it can't be, because I'm also weighing the package, and there's an excess of weight that shouldn't be. Those who gave the gift said, "Come on open, come on open !!!" Between his cries, I reach for the box and begin to examine. As I look at the details of the box, which is too heavy to contain a cigar, phrases such as CUBA, HECHO A MANO appear in my eyes and the box becomes even more interesting for me. I unscrew the lid, which is attached with a barcode-like strip on the edges, and inside comes a massive cigar with a thickness of 52+ rings, but something goes wrong; this cigar is made of chocolate! It continues while having the realism of the work. It is noteworthy that the inside of the chocolate is made of three different layers with my bite; Nougat filling tobacco, creamy binder tobacco and bright bitter wrap tobaccos - Gorgeous!

And from this point on, the joke of the gift is fully revealed. This is a product worthy of people like us, created for us to eat and talk sweetly. Be sure, this cigar is a gift that will delight a cigar lover and make a sweet and sneaky smile on the gift-giver's face. I advise.

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