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KS Design - Accessories from the Aegean Coast


KS Design is an accessories brand that opens it doors to the world from the Aegean coast of Turkey. The creator and the craftsman behind the brand is M.Kemal Saatcioglu, who is a cigar enthusiast himself details every piece of accessories, or better said every art piece, in his very own hands using mainly olive tree wood and stones with a distinct history and attribute. 

After designing and crafting accessories for himself in the first place, he starts to gift them to his friends. He continues to create more and more and one day after opening a stall in a Christmas Bazaar in coastal province of Cesme, the brand KS Design was born. 

KS Logo.png

The accessories span from wooden ashtrays to cigar stands in various forms, and to very unique cigar picks. The accessories are made mainly using olive wood  and instead of glossy finish, Kemal finishes them with wax for a smooth feel in the hand. He also provides a piece of wax for the user to maintain the accessorie's smooth finish throughout the usage.

Puro Stand.jpg

The accessories as shipped in a leather pouch, also made in hand by the craftsman himself. Being attached to marine life himself, he obviously favors accessories created with the marine theme. However, you can also consult with him on the very details that will suit your life-style and preferences.

Çeşitli Puro Pick.jpg
Puro Pick Paket.jpg
Balina Kuyruk Pick.jpg

KS Design ships worldwide. Currenlty, you can contact him using its Instagram profile but its website is under development and will be live soon.

I will strongly advice you to go through the unique creations, amoung which you will definetely find something to your liking. If not, just get in touch with Kemal for him to create your very own unique cigar accessory. 

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