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Zippo Inserts


Despite its heritage, popularity, it i has always been a no-no for a Zippo to be used in lighting your cigar. Why? Simple. Because of the odor of its fuel, it is very likely that it will ruin the very fine aroma of your precious cigars. Hence, when it comes to lighting a cigar, even the cheapest butane lighter is more valuable from a gold plated Zippo.

But not any more. Now we are more likely to hear the famous click of the Zippo lighters in lounges and herfs, without the discriminating  those BOTLs and SOTLs lighting their cigar with them.

Zippo Logo.jpg
Zippo Koleksiyon

So what changed. The difference is that Zippo has manufactured an insert that works with odorless butane and is in exact shape and size of its regular windproof insert, that works on fuel with the odor.

This is actually not the first try from Zippo, as they came to the butane market back in the time with the Zippo Blu. However, that lighter has never been accepted as a "real" Zippo. I guess therefore, Zippo finally made the move of creating the insert.

Zippo Blu.jpg

The insert have two alternatives, one being with one flame torch and the other is two-flame torch. As mentioned the inserts have the same size and shape of the original insert with fuel. One change you will immediately realize though will be the chimney holes, which are not punctured in the new butane version. On the bottom part, it also has a different setup than the regular one obviously, which is more familiar to us from other regular butane lighters.

Zippo Bütan İç Tekli.jpg
Zippo Bütan İç Tekli 2.jpg
Zippo Bütan İç Tekli 3.jpg
Zippo Bütan İç Çiftli.jpg

Although very useful, the solution of inserts has already existed for a while through other brands, however, being able to use official Zippo inserts and keeping all parts in the family is actually feels much better.

So in future, before raising your eye brows to the click sound of a Zippo in the lounge, it may well be a legitimate  use of a butane lighter and not the regular Zippo. The case and the insert being a "real" Zippo though, well I guess time will show.

Long ashes...

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