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In some of my previous articles - both about humidor preparation and hygrometer calibration - I mentioned a product called Boveda. Although many cigar lovers know, there still has been a considerable amount of questions as to what exactly Boveda is. What is this Boveda?

From the outside, Bovedalar, which is no different from a small closed envelope, is an alternative to the gel, crystal or sponge moisturizers we use to moisturize our humidum, a bidirectional moisturizing system. How duplex? Namely; Boveda can pull the humidity to a certain level when the environment is humid, and bring it to a certain humidity level when it is dry.

So how does it do this? Allegedly, I say the claim, because I didn't invent it, only envelopes containing 60g of salt solution in a certain proportion make up the air inside your humidor with the humidity rate specified on the envelope. Since they work bi-directionally, they definitely do not exceed the moisture content written on the package.

Boveda has significant benefits that I have also seen using it. For one thing, you are not dealing with either special humidor liquids or pure water. Because of our clumsiness while putting them, our cigars do not have to worry about getting wet like when they are poured or overfilled. In addition, Boveda does not need any maintenance after opening its package. Until the envelopes lose their function - which can be 2-3 months - it looks like you put it. In addition, the envelopes are available in small sizes to fit in Travel Humidor.

As a general rule in wooden humidors, you should use one envelope for every 25 cigars. So if you have a humidor with a capacity of 50 cigars, two envelopes are enough. In acrylics, an envelope can easily provide a suitable moisture environment. Another convenience is that you can place the envelopes on them directly in contact with your cigars. There is no harm.

As I mentioned above, different moisture levels are written on the envelopes. Depending on the quality of the isolation and closure of your humidor or the humidity level you want to keep your cigars in, you need to buy Boveda in different degrees; There are envelopes available that provide moisture levels of 65-67-69 and 72%. Apart from these, there are also 75% envelopes for hygrometer calibration and 84% envelopes for humidor preparation.

I have used all of Boveda's products, including the hygrometer, and I can say that I haven't experienced any more successful for myself. It is a product that I can definitely recommend because of its advantages and its cheapness. After I started using it, the humidity adjustment problem in the humidorum has disappeared completely. Additionally, this product within the borders of Turkey will find the site and to provide possible.

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