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The Mischievous Anvil

If I divide my life into childhood and the time after my mind began, it would not be a lie to say that the anvil is different in my mind for these two periods. Those who had a lot of room for cartoons like Coyote and Road Runner in their childhood probably guess what I mean. For those times, the anvil was a pointed, blunt-backed object with a blunt back, usually written ACME on it, which the evil character used to damage the good character or to implement the mischievous plan he set up. Of course, one later learns that it is a cast iron tool on which it is used to forge iron, steel and other hard metals.

Now again, even though I started out as if it didn't have much to do with cigars, of course, the place where I will link the subject will again be useful for smokers.

The topic is actually the name of the company I'm going to talk about ... really. Of course, I tried to keep the translation a little master. The 5 buddies bring with them their experience in metalworking, architectural design, and sculpting, and establish a workshop and company, naming Wicked Anvil (Hınzır Örs). Considering we're 18+, I guess we can more or less accurately guess why they use anvils in their company names ... for those who are still more indecisive: No, they don't make cartoons.

On the contrary, Wicked Anvil produces unique cigar ashtrays and accessories that really look like works of art and range in price from USD30 .- (cigar stand) to 185 (Cannonball Ashtray). Of course, the material used is predominant and most accessories are only steel and the secondary material is wood. Since both materials are very good in terms of durability, I guess the aging of the products will be less. Of course, when the wood is not constantly exposed to water. This of course both balcony, garden, terrace etc. It means that they can be used comfortably in places such as, and they can be cleaned frequently without any problems.

I think it will definitely be an accessory that will look different in the cigar corner of your home.

Enjoyable smoking for everyone ...

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