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ST Dupont Innovations


At the World Cigar Smoking Championship final in Split, one of the sponsors, ST Dupont, was promoting its products and innovations, talking about a very different news, working on a water powered lighter, and showed us his video. It's still far from mass production, and although the size is only about the size of a desk lighter right now, as I understand it, it's a pretty incredible innovation - at least for me - in terms of technology. Of course, they talked about such products and technologies with a future release on the market, as well as products that are currently on the market and are about to be released. Two of them are particularly striking.

The first is an accessory that combines two different types of cuts in one accessory. Both the V-cutter and the guillotine cutter are a product that you can use whenever you want and will not require you to carry two different cutters for this. Some of us may see it unnecessary because they use a single style cut, but it can be called a perfect product for cigar lovers who prefer different cuts according to their cigar.

Çift Keser
Çifte Keser 2

As for the second product, it is perhaps a product that will appeal to more people. Although it is a little different from the cuts above, it appeals to different needs, but it is a practical product that saves us from carrying two different accessories. Cuts a cigar stand hidden inside a guillotine cutter, or a guillotine hidden inside the stand. It depends on what angle you look at. In this product, STDupont has adjusted the outer frame of the cutter to make an "X" shape with the cutter by rotating around the cutter until it reaches the lock point. Thus, instead of carrying a cut and a stand, two different accessories, it brings us one accessory again.

Keser Stand
Keser Stand 2
Keser Stand 3

Especially when talking about the second product, they talked about how closely they, as a brand, developed products by following the market and market trends and taking into account the needs and desires of the consumers, which I think would not be wrong.

ST Dupont is sure to please a considerable audience with these two new products.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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