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I read, learned: Cigar - The Flavor in Blue Smoke

A book with an inside out is Cigar. From the cover to the last page, it is a resource that contains a lot of information about cigars, especially about its history, according to its size. The subtitle on the cover, Flavor in Blue Smoke, promises you to increase the flavor while smoking your cigar. The paragraph on the back cover, "Puro, Taste in Blue Smoke offers a pleasurable reading for both cigar lovers and those who enjoy life", which forms a trilogy with Deniz Gürsoy's books titled Tespih, Peace on His Fingers and Hookah, A Breath Pleasure, how delightful the author is too. At the same time, he gives the secret that he is someone who thinks that pleasure increases when shared.

He writes at the beginning of each Chapter with a proverb about cigars. You can use them to spice up your cigar chats.

The size of the book, as I said, is small (11.5cmx21cm) and only 133 pages. It is possible to see this publication as a book that presents all you need to know about cigars in the form of a pill. The language of writing is very friendly and you feel as if you are in conversation with Deniz Gürsoy while you smoke cigars while reading the book. In order to catch this air from the beginning, I recommend you to read the Preface, which is sometimes omitted.

The book doesn't have a lot of color illustrations. In fact, it is not very illustrated in general. Maybe that's why it's a little short. A book filled with information rather than visuality. Of course, he made some subjects more understandable with graphics and pictures that give a sense of drawing.

After general and historical information about cigars, you can find information about cigar manners, tasting, storage and accessories. The dictionary at the end of the book also prevents you from staying away from the jargon used while smoking with aficionados.

Inside the book, you can measure the ring thickness and length of your cigars, with a metric (cm / mm) on one side and an imperial (inch) gauge on the other.

It is a book that I can recommend in terms of both easy and enjoyable reading and information content. Especially if you are interested in the history of cigars and tobacco.


  • Preface

  • Login

  • Tobacco's Journey to the West

  • History of Cigar

  • From Harvest to Box

  • Accessories

  • Cigar Ceremony

  • The Taste of Smoke

  • Cigar Countries

  • Cigar Types and Your Choice

  • Food / Cigar / Drink

  • Cigars as a Lifestyle

  • Havana Cigar Sizes

  • Cigar Related Addresses

  • Web Sites

  • Cigar Glossary

  • references

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