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The big issue is ammunition!

Even those who have gone to the military or have listened to all kinds of memories of military service from everyone know; ammunition is very ammunition and valuable. That is why those who went to the military for a short period returned either without firing at all or firing at most 3 bullets. It is also for this reason that the number of my friends who were surprised when I mentioned that I, who was constantly moving during the military service, as a short term, I fired 12 times.

Munitions were also important, but, eventually, consumables. It ends up being used, and what remains is an empty ammunition box carrying ammunition. The empty box does not help much when the important material in E is exhausted. However, this empty box continues to maintain two important features; water and air tightness. The company I want to talk about in this article, based on these two important features of the box, has chosen to give these empty metal boxes their old seal. Of course, by putting something important into it again; our cigars.

The firm's name is Ammodor . It is a combination of the words Ammunition and Humidor and as you can guess from this point, it transforms old ammunition boxes into humidors. They continue their adventure, which they started by transforming the M2A1 ammunition box, which the American army discarded in 1998, by transforming all kinds of metal and wooden ammunition boxes into humidor. In addition to the boxes they transformed themselves, they also work for the old ammunition boxes you have in hand.


Until recently, its smallest size was a 25-30-point metal ammunition box. Now it adds its new smallest size, plastic military first aid kit to its product range, creating a humidor similar to the 10-piece Xikar Travel Humidor. Of course, it is not cedar like other Ammadors and sponge coating like Xikar.

I liked it very much from the first moment as an idea. For one thing, it's a pretty original idea. In addition, in terms of usability, especially for those who go camping or hunting and want to take their cigars with them, it is a method of transportation that is both suitable for the concept and sheltered for cigars.


The prices of Ammodors range from USD 79 .- (First Aid Kit) the cheapest to USD 2,000 .- (Stinger Missile Bag). But as far as I understand, these prices can easily change up or down if they get a different sized ammunition box tomorrow. Natural boxes, hygrometer, humidifier, tray etc. When you want extras such as, prices can change.

As I said, I was very interested in the idea. So I got up and made two old ammunition boxes, Ammodor, using the same materials as below. My boxes are also M2A1 ammunition boxes, that is, from the first box Ammador transformed. Then he came to make the cedar box that would fit inside. We completed it after consultations with Özgür Usta from Mehmet Marangoz in Bursa. The hand Lector logo embroidered on the box was made by a friend of mine who especially engraved on the gun. I thank both of them for their help and guidance. As a result, the Ammadors you see below emerged.

I think you can start looking at any box that is idle at home with different eyes. Before you throw it away, think about whether they could be used again for a different purpose. If you could give it a humidor feature, wouldn't it be super?


Enjoyable smoking.

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