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Don't be ash, be a legend!

I spent a very long time in my childhood and beyond, avoiding carbonated drinks, even though my brother was fond of consuming them at that time. For some reason, their foaming and feeling of "burning" my mouth always bothered me. Then, gradually, I began to look at them warmer, and it became even more warmer between us. So what happened? Very simple; I met beer :) But aside from beer, although it is still quite limited, which I think a little more healthy this time, soda is also one of the sodas that I love to consume now. By the way, my favorite Uludağ has a really nice advertising slogan that can be used as a joke even in different times of life: Don't be soda, be a legend!

Apart from being a legend by drinking Uludağ soda, I want to talk about something that you can become a legend by smoking cigars now; The Cigar Legend, Cigar Tasting and Smoking Diary.

In fact, this diary is a notebook that allows us to clarify and write down the logic of tasting notes, the place of the cigar in our lives, in more detail. The nice thing is that it really allows us to emphasize the place and importance of the cigar in our lives. So how does he do that?

It consists of three parts per day. The first part allows you to decipher the place of the cigar in your life, from getting to know the cigar, to where and how you like to smoke cigars. In this first section, which is 23 pages, there is also a World map so you can mark the places where you smoke cigars.

The second section of 50 pages is a section where you can write down the details and tasting notes of the cigars you smoke one by one, along with the memories. The cigars you smoke at the birth of your daughter or son, at your wedding or the day you start your first job, and what you feel.

And the last part; 41-page section where you can stick 9 cigar tapes on each page - if you don't mind, if you don't use the marked areas, you can squeeze a little more.

This diary, 30 × 23cm in size, covered with leather and you can print your name, has a price of approximately USD120.- excluding shipping. Although not overly expensive, I do not know how much revenue the postalanmasıyl Turkey but came off as not a figure to create your own cigar legend.

What shall we say; do not be ashes, be a legend!

Enjoyable smoking ...

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