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S.T. Dupont HOOKED



S.T. Dupont is very well known with its cigar accessories and those accessories being rather on the pricy side. This time, the brand is coming out with a more affordable lighter model, HOOKED, with a totally different approach from packaging to marketing. Obviously, the brand is targeting rather younger generation with this lighter. It is apparent with its branding. You cannot find neither on the box, nor on the lighter itself the branding S.T. Dupont but a #Dupont signature instead. When you look a bit closer, you realize that S.T. is embedded into # sign.

The design alternatives of the cigar along with a hook and a chain attached to it, appears like chained wallets we are used to seeing in the younger generation. However, it also allows the lighter to appear like a pocket watch as well. Quite adventagous that way. 

Hooked Açık
Hooked Kapalı

The outer material of the lighter is hard plastic rather than metal. That has an impact on the famous S.T. Dupont "click" sound, however, I guess, if you are using this, you are not that much interested in that sound anyway. The design alternatives kind of reminds me of the ones that Zippo has. So many interesting and unique designs. My guess is that it may even increase in time and people even start to customize it themselves. The lighter is a one flame torch lighter.


There is one missing point on the lighter being the gas gauge. Although it tanks a huge amount of gas, it would be good to see if you are running out so that you can top up.

On S.T. Dupont site, the lighter is sold for EUR 49.- with only one model being more expensive than others, which resembles a gold bullion. The chaing costs another EUR 15.- but you can easily get another type of chain, one that may even suit more to your outfit or to the model you choose. 

Overall, based on the price and also knowing that you are buying S.T. Dupont, it is a fairly good deal. I believe that with this lighter model kicking off, there may be also a cheaper line cutter and other accessories for younger generation as well as people who donot want to spend that much on cigar accessories.

Long ashes....

Hooked Turb-o
Hooked Casin-o
Hooked Trump-o
Hooked Choc-o
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