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Fast and with Cigar

Of course, it used to be, but the impact of Fast and Furious movies on the spread of tuning in cars is indisputable. High-speed modified engines, sexy girls, neons, ceramic discs, NOS and of course the wheels. Bright, different colors and designs. As a former licensed racer, when I bought my first car, I made my first modified by replacing my standard rims with 4 Momo wheels.

Now of course, where did we come from here, why did we come? The subject is actually about both rims and cigars. Last month, Xikar, whose accessories we use fondly, launched an ashtray that will please both speed and cigar lovers. It is a stylish accessory that looks like the shiny, glowing rim of a small model car from the outside, but is actually an ashtray. 6 cigar smokers can use this huge ashtray, which is around 25cm, at the same time. While the cigars can be rested by putting them on the rim spokes, it is possible to get rid of the ashes from the big hole where the bolts should be. Xikar made this ashtray naturally resistant to all weather conditions and of course heat.

It is a perfect accessory for both car and cigar lovers.


Enjoyable smoking ...

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