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Pointed or flat?

Every cigar lover knows that the best way to smoke is through a well-lit cigar. As I mentioned in my previous articles, even burning our cigar is a ritual in itself. It is important to burn neither too hot nor too cold, without being exposed to direct flame. Of course, it is also necessary to heat (toast) the foot of your cigar before the actual burning process.

Therefore, in order to be successful in such an important ritual, the flame source used becomes equally important. Using the right flame source at the right place and time, such as using torch (jet) lighters that are stronger and more continuous in windy weather, normal butane lighters or better cedar pieces in windless, indoors, are the points that should be paid maximum attention.

Torch lighters, which act as a savior especially in windy weather, are among the first sources of flame that come to mind today. Only one disadvantage is that from the very first moment, they give out a lot of fire due to their pointed tip. This can lead to difficulties in controlling the flame from time to time, especially for beginners, but also for those who are familiar with the job.

Now there is another type of lighter that is located right in the middle of the two flame sources and whose popularity is increasing day by day; flat tip torch lighters.

While these lighters are better on durability than regular butane lighters, they do not give out that blazing and scary flames unlike pointed torch lighters. Introduced for the first time by Lotus brand in 2011, the tip of these lighters looks like a flat painting brush. This has a few key advantages over the pointed tip, and the first is that it gives off less blazing flames and hence easier flame control, which I have already mentioned. Although they create a flame close to the flame given by a normal flame lighter, the flat-tipped torch lighters, which are not affected by the wind, provide the opportunity to complete both the toast process and the burning process of your cigar with the elegance of a painter with their brush-like flame. They burn less heavily, which also means much less gas consumption than pointed torch lighters.

Given the advantages they offer compared to the other two types of lighters, I think they will keep their place stronger among cigar lovers over time.

Details of Lotus lighters can be found at

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