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Screwpop Accessories

Cigar accessories appear in different ways day by day. Unlike the luxury, heavy models used at home, interesting brands have begun to introduce cigar accessories that are very practical, suitable for outdoor use and easy to carry. Screwpop is one of these brands. Among the managers of the brand, whose main product range is practical and easily portable hand tools, there will be some smoking cigars, who also added practical cutters, punch and ashtray accessories for us to the product range.

Of course, the ashtray does not have a different function, but both cuts and punches, although they are small, they are quite functional accessories.

Keser, Chopo can be used comfortably as both a key ring and a lid opener at the same time. Chopo is the second cuts this brand has developed. Since the first one is a little smaller and a bit more laborious to use, they both expanded the key ring part of the new model and added stamps to the joints so that the cutting movement can be made more comfortable and trouble-free. Blades and body in 420 J2 stainless steel.

As for Punch, it also has its own characteristics. In addition to being a normal punch, it can open a lid like Chopo and can be easily used as a keychain.

As I said, the ashtray does not have a different skill. For example, it doesn't suddenly turn into a humidor. However, its practical structure allows the ash to roll itself down and fall into the chamber. On the other hand, by using the protrusion in the chamber, you can get rid of the ashes on the end of your cigar, before you burn it again.

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