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Bracelet Punch from Les Fines Lames


Most of us know the French Les Fines Lames brand from the two sizes of cigar knives , one large and the other small. Now she is taking the stage with a new accessory that is both practical and stylish.

It continues on the same lane that it started with a knife and launches a punch cutter. So how does it make a difference in the market with so many punch cutters?

Sometimes beaded, sometimes leather bracelets, which we are accustomed to seeing also in the men's sections of clothing and accessory stores, have started to become very popular in recent years. These accessories, which can be used both in sportswear and even with suits, are available in all kinds.

LFL Logo.jpg

Les Fines Lames also took advantage of the popularity of the bracelets and placed a punch cutter inside and caught the difference in this way. The wristbands, which will be released on September 24, will cost EUR 42.- in Europe. I guess Tobacconist, which imported Les Fines Flames knives to Turkey after their release, will bring these bracelets in the near future.  

While it's not very appealing to someone like me who doesn't use wristbands or punches often, I'm guessing it will have a tight audience. Considering the alternatives in terms of style, color and form, it is especially suitable for cigar lovers, both men and women, who complement their elegance with bracelets.  will come directly.

Happy smoking...

Tek Bracelet.png
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