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One suggestion ... aim!

It has happened to me a lot, and I'm sure it has happened to you too. You came across a cigar that you opened your humidor and forgot how many times it was in the bottom, and when you did not know where you bought it? Or is it not at all that when choosing the cigar you want to drink, you have never been missed thinking about which year's cigars, maybe how old you have aged?

Now, I want to suggest a method for dealing with such things, which I have just begun to do. It's actually a very simple suggestion ... aim.

In a way, our cigars are already engaged once before they come to us. How Does? I'm talking about the band that includes the brand and sometimes the model on it. This is how your cigars are engaged with the brand band. I think it is okay for you to wear a badge as the owner after the manufacturer.

So how do you do that? As I said, I also started a short time ago; There are sites on the internet that sell cigar bands that you can order and that work, and you can put your information on, like the manufacturer. While some sites sell only blank tapes in different sizes and shapes, other companies produce special tapes for you, completely in the way you want and with your logo. When you look at the prices, it is not really outrageous.

My goal is just the year I bought it, the year of manufacture if I know, where I got it, vitola etc. I did not get very close to those with the current logo because it was to put the principal information like. But if you want to distribute cigars for an interesting organization, it would be nice to order from the bands that have a special design for you.

If the idea made sense, but you don't want to bother ordering online, it's easy to make the tapes yourself. The first thing you should pay attention to here is that the paper you will use is acid-free. It is possible to find these types of papers in hobby shops related to calligraphy or marbling or in big stationery stores. After deciding on the size and shape, all that remains is to create the band by cutting it. The second important issue is that if you are going to attach the ends of the tape by gluing, the glue you will use should be an odorless adhesive that will not pass through the paper. Otherwise, you can imagine that the smell of the glue will mix with the smell of your cigars, or it may stick the paper to your cigar. Here, you should choose plant-based odorless adhesives that do not damage the cigar and can even be used in the repair of torn, damaged wrapping sheets.

Another simple method would be to tie cigars from the same box with a thick ribbon and attach a piece of paper to the ribbon. Of course, you need to take care that the cigars do not come out of the ribbon.

I am sure that using this method will make smoking cigars that you have aged for a long time more enjoyable as you do not have to remember what you smoke. One last trick; If you tie your band to the foot of your cigar, you will also prevent your wrapping leaves from being damaged by the foot.

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