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Pleasure Notes

When I started writing this blog, as I mentioned before, my goal was to share as much information and news as possible about the cigar and cigar culture in Turkish. Besides, once abroad, or with different language "at all comfortable supplies from Turkey, though, what would be nice" we can say that can compensate for the absence in the slightest need to work on the business of cigar lovers can I say I began to think, and the first one that comes to my mind the notes tasting of cigars we smoked hold can booklet happened.

The Fun Notes booklet was the result of this thought. Of course, the biggest difference from its English counterparts is that it is Turkish. In addition, there was a booklet in which I tried to bring together the different features and evaluation criteria in a foreign language but in different booklets. For a complete and accurate evaluation, I also tried to add the comments that most of the foreign-origin note holders received in the forums, “It would be nice, even if it had this feature”.

Those who are just starting to smoke might wonder what's the use of such a booklet. If you really intend to create a taste for the palate, I think the advantage of holding such a booklet is quite high. This booklet will be useful to keep the details of the characteristics between the different cigars you have tried over and over, from deciding which one you will prefer by comparing them over time, how even the same cigar you smoke on different dates has undergone over time and how much you need to rest a cigar. . Therefore, the more notes and information you have to look back at, the healthier your decisions about your smoking preferences will be. And ultimately this will increase your enjoyment of cigars again.

The booklet allows you to evaluate 36 cigars in total. I have kept the width of the booklet especially narrow (9cmx19cm) so that it can easily fit into the jacket pocket. At the same time, its thin structure allows it to be easily transported in travel humidors such as Xikar brand travel humidors, which are fed with sponge.

Let's get to how to fill in the booklet. As I shared an example on the side, it is very easy to fill in. The brand of your cigar, the date you smoked, the vitola and the year, the length and the ring thickness (you can measure the length of the cigar and the thickness of the cigar by keeping the ruler on the back cover on the template), the price, the color, the winding, the origin of the leaf are already within your knowledge and do not require much detail. Then there is a text section called Smoking Notes, where you can evaluate your cigar in three stages from start to finish. You can determine the evaluation of your cigar's combustion, ash, smoke, hardness and hull on the scales next to the flavor wheel. If you want, you can also drop small points or notes with them.

And finally, perhaps one of the most important parts is the recording of the flavors you get and how intensely you feel. The flavor wheel in the lower right corner is there for the job. The shapes that emerge after the evaluation you will make on the flavor wheel will allow you to compare the structure between different or the same cigars later. It is possible to determine the intensity of your taste between 0-5 by taking the circle close to the center and thick as the zero point. I have indicated the flavors that are generally perceived on the wheel. Of course, if there is no flavor you get in the cigar you smoke, it is possible to write and evaluate a taste that you do not use by scratching it.

My guess is that such a booklet will work for you as well as for me. I'm sure many of you are already holding such a note holder. If you are interested, you can contact me from the Contact section, I still have a few copies. Let me remind you that those who subscribe to the blog and forum will have priority and advantage.

Enjoyable smoking.

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