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Cigar Trophy

May, 2023

It is time to nominate your best cigar, accessory and lounge for Cigar Trophies. 

Habanos Spotify.jpg

Habanos Spotify

December, 2022


Habanos launches its Spotify Channel!

Çoklu Tel.png

Light'em Up GO

September, 2021


Now, those who love cigars also have an app. 

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Got chipped!

June, 2021


Plasencia began to equip its cigars with chips containing brand and cigar-specific information. 

Marko Judges.jpg

World Cigar Smoking Championship Referee Association

March 2021


The championship continues to adapt to the new normal due to pandemic.

Cigar Rights of the World.jpg

Cigar Rights of the World is Established!

World Cigar Rights Association, a new formation to protect the rights of cigars and cigar consumers, aims to be the voice of end users.

CJ Trophy.png

Zippo Butane Insert

Zippo wants to increase its weight in the cigar scene by introducing new butane underwear.

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