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Xikar Ensõ


Circa 3 years ago Xikar brought the beloved XO cutter to the market. The gear system that is been used in it allowed both blades to simultaneously approach to the head of the cigar, giving equal amount of pressure, for a spectacular cut.

The next simiar cutter from Xikar has been brought to the market and it is called Xikar Ensõ.

In this cutter too, Xikar is using a gear system for equal pressure and simultaneously moving blades.

Xikar Ensõ

Ensõ, symbolizes the harmony in Zen Buddhism, the balance and moving towards the right direction at the right speed and time. It also symbolizes self confidence and continuity. Its characther is circle, meaning the living the moment we are in to its full extent, with pleasure.  From that point, a very similar meaning to cigar smoking; enjoying life as you take one puff at a time. Just like actor Ron Perlman states, "Some meditate, I smoke cigars".

Without losing our point, let's talk about the distinguishing factore between XO and Ensõ'nun. First off, Ensõ is much slimmer than its older brother, hence doesnot give a bulky feeling in your pocket. I have to admit, albeit very powerful and useful, I was a bit surprised when I first saw XO's bulky size. Another big difference is that, Ensõ opens itself from one side, so you are actually pushing on one blade. However, due to gears, again two blades approach the head of the cigar from both sides simultaneously for a clean cut. Remarkable aspect, if you ask me.

Currenlty the available colors are black, silver, red, blue, neon orange and neon green. If you are looking for a new cutter, it is definitely worth considering.


Long ashes...

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