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I smell different smells ...

Yes true. Soon, we will all have different but pleasant smells coming to our noses. Although the smell of cigars is already very pleasant for us, these different scents can be a pleasant surprise for those who do not like the smell of cigars. Because Xikar will be very different from the accessories it has released so far, with a new accessory; scented candles.

In fact, Xikar created these candles for cigarette smokers in the first place. Its claim is that each scented candle lit while smoking will take the smoking experience to the next level with the sense of relief it gives with scent. I have to say that I find this quite ambitious. As a result, we know that every artificial aroma or smell when smoking cigars will have an effect on the taste and haze we get from our cigar. My guess is that the scents of the candles, which are currently three different types, are chosen in a way that emphasizes the aromas of the cigar.

It is mentioned that Fresh Shave creates a fresh and clean feel, Black Tie has mahogany and teak scents, and Spanish Cedar emphasizes leather, musk and wood scents.

The fact that the product was launched by a brand like Xikar makes the product worth a try. Anyway, it's hard to comment too much on the pros or cons without trying it. I think personal preferences will also play a big role at this point. What would you say?

Enjoyable smoking ...

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