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Come on then, cheers !!!

October 2017

Try to remember, how many times you smoked your cigar and sipped your drink, and in an environment without a cigar ashtray, you didn't know where to put your cigar, and that cigar - now an indispensable part of Instagram posts - finally found its place on your glass? And unfortunately, in the end, the cigar rolled and fell to the floor as a result of the inclination of the table or you or someone else accidentally hitting the table or cigar? It never happened, at least once. Or simply think how many times you have to hold glasses and cigars in the same hand. It is quite a difficult move and risky in terms of both glasses and cigars.

Recently, I came across two different brands of glasses, which is exactly the kind of remedy for this problem. The two products are similar in function, but there are minor differences.

The first product I'm going to talk about is the whiskey glass , one of the accessories that Davidoff offers exclusively for Churchill cigars. Although the glass looks like a normal glass at first glance, its mouth is a little different than normal glasses. This difference arises from the two slots cut close to the outside of the cup's rim. The purpose of these two cavities facing each other on the same direction is of course that the glass can be used as a stand for cigars as well as holding drinks. This glass, produced as handmade crystal, is 8 cm in diameter and 9 cm in height. At the bottom of the glass, there is a silhouette of Churchill, dedicated to the Churchill series.

As for the second glass, this glass, in my opinion, gets a little more sporty next to Churchill. At the same time, the space reserved for cigars is a little different. This glass, called the Corkcicle Cigar Glass , is the first different, angular. The glass, which is 10cm high and about 8cm wide, holds the cigar in its pocket, one of the side walls is folded inward. According to the information given, you can squeeze cigars up to 48 rings thick here. This of course also gives you the opportunity to keep both your cigar and your drink together in the same place.

As I mentioned above, the ideas are almost the same, the implementation is a little different. That said, both have pros and cons. For example, with Davidoff goblets, you have no limit to the thickness of your cigar. On the other hand, in Corkcicle glasses, it is relatively easy to hold a cigar and a glass in the same hand. However, if your drink is icy, the wrap of your cigar may get wet due to the sweat of the glass.

Although there are downsides and pros, I quite liked both glasses. First of all, it is quite creative as an idea and it produces a remedy relative to a common problem of all of us. I just think it wouldn't hurt to buy one or two for our own pleasure.

Have a pleasant smoke for you all ...

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