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Cleaning is important

You took your humidor, prepared it, lined up your cigars. You smoked cigars every now and then, new ones came, you changed their place so that each of your cigars benefit from the same humidity, a long time has passed. Inevitably, all these movements can cause tobacco particles to fall out, whether from cigars that have just entered the humidors or what you buy for smoking. In addition, although rare, dust or other simple dirt can accumulate in the corners. In order to get rid of these and keep your cigars clean, you need to clean your humidor occasionally, if not too often.

So, how should we do this cleaning without damaging the humidor and creating an effect that will change the taste of the cigars we store in it?

It's actually very simple; We will make use of my previous articles, a method we use while preparing your humidor. As a material, we will only use pure water and a lint-free cloth. Remember with a lint-free cloth, you will leave more dust and lint instead of cleaning it. After wetting our slightly damp cloth with pure water, we definitely squeeze it thoroughly. At this point, we should take care that it is pure water. The more minerals or foreign substances there are in the liquid that we will use and moisten the walls of the humidor, the more negative environment we will create for the cigars. When our cloth reaches the consistency that does not drip water, we wipe the inner walls of the humidum, from which we remove the cigars, without wetting it too much and applying pressure. We can also collect the more specific pieces of tobacco that the cloth does not take, with our hands.

This simple process will be more than enough to remove the small tobacco pieces or other dirt that the wood inevitably holds due to its nature. At the same time, the performance of your humidor will increase with the walls whose pores are cleaned and slightly moistened. Of course, any deterioration in the internal structure of your humidor, etc. is there, you will also have the opportunity to see it. The better you take care of your humidor, the better it will take care of your precious cigars.

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