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I read, learned: Havana - Legendary Cigars

Traveling from Gabon to China, from Tahiti to Kenya, countless countries and cities, Charles del Todesco finally discovers Cuba, where he will stay for about two years in 1993. During his stay here, he learns and absorbs all the subtleties of the famous Habanos, from production to packaging, with the help of his visits to the fields. At the end of two years, before leaving the island, he has become a true Aficionada.

Patrick Jantet, a French photographer and living in Switzerland, discovers Havana after 20 years of desert photography in the Sahara, when you leave to escape political turmoil in Algeria.

This book, released by Assouline, is a masterpiece compiled with the pictures taken by Patrick and the information of Charles. I say it a masterpiece, because although the history is a repetition of what we know, the pictures and dimensions in the book are incredibly beautiful. While the book shares pictures from history, it also contains beautiful frames from today's Cuba and Havana.

The book consists of two main parts and ten subsections. In the first part, there are main topics such as the history of tobacco, production, production stages of Habanos, while the second part contains detailed catalog information about Habanos brands, vitolas and factories.

The book is very enjoyable to read. As I said, although history repeats itself in this book, interesting and interesting points that you can hear for the first time are mentioned in the details. In addition, with a few pages apart, encyclopedic or practical information such as tobacco, its production, and its varieties were shared in the corners of the pages, and these details attract a great deal of attention.

Residents of Istanbul can obtain the book in Nişantaşı City's from Assouline on the cinema floor or from Autobahn in Akaretler. If you say I cannot go there or I am not in Istanbul, from Beymen's website   available.

Now it's ready summer, a book that will make you have an incredibly enjoyable time when you read your head in company with a beautiful Montecristo Double Edmundo. I say you must definitely get it.


Part 1

Part 1: Havana: 500 Years of History

Chapter 2: Growing Tobacco

Section 3: Processing of Tobacco

Chapter 4: The Creation of the Cigar

Chapter 5: Smoking Habanos

Part 2

Section 1: Catalog Login

Part 2: Vitolas

Part 3: Several Legendary Brands

Section 4: Addresses - Old and new factory addresses and information

Chapter 5: The Creators of the Cigar

A total of 228 pages.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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