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Cigar Flasks


Flask literally means, a container for fluids. Hip flasks are very common to store and carry around whisky, rom or cognac. These are also very common drinks we love to pair with our cigars. So how come do you use a flask to carry around a cigar. Well, some flasks, as you may have already seen, has a special container, that fits one or two cigars, depending on their ring gauge and to me, they are cigar flasks, allowing to carry around and enjoy my cigar and spirit at the same time, anywhere, everywhere.

One of the recent additions to the market, which I somehow have missed until today, is the Davidoff Dicovery Flask. At first glance, it may look like an ordinary black hip flask, that looks really handsome. However, when you have a closer look, you realize that the container in the middle is turning within a frame that surrounds it, making two holes visible on each side that are used for carrying 2 cigars up to toro size. The hip flask sells for USD100.- or GBP 75.- You can find campaigns in some stores giving away the flask for a box of Davioffs or a deal including 2 of the same type of Davidoff cigars.

Davidoff Puro Matara
Purolu Matara
Purolu Matara 2

If the price is a bit on the high side or if you just didnot like to style then there are other options available on the internet with usually one or two stick options and mainly in silver color. The price, for much less than the Davidoff one. But again, they are not Davidoff.

Puro Matara 2li.jpg
Matara Tekli.jpg

All of them quite practical when it comes to carrying around your cigars and drinks and do the job. However, being a bit on the heavy side, especially when filled with the drink and being a bit bulky, they require usually a small bag to carry them around. They are usually better suited for camping, a day excursions, during which you carry a bag any how. However, despite the downsides, I have never seen one of us complain after getting a new accessory. 

Long ashes...

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