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Credo Special T - Torpedo Cutter

The Credo brand, I guess, is a very familiar name for us cigar smokers. An accessory brand that contains whatever is valuable for us, from humidifiers to humidor, punches, scissors, pocket humidors.

Now, again, in order to make our job easier, they have launched another product, which can be considered new, to the market. In general, although I cannot say that it is a completely new product, I guess it would not be wrong to say an innovative product. The accessory is called Special T - Torpedo Cutter.

The product, which comes in the scissors / cutter format we are used to by Credo, contains two double-blade guillotines, unlike usual. One of them is a cutter for increasing ring thicknesses (up to 58), while the other calls itself the Figurado cutter and guarantees to cut cigars up to 34 rings thick. The part with narrow ring thickness is actually put in order to enable us to cut the hat parts of Figurado like Torpedo and Pyramid in a more adjusted way. For this, Credo has named this accessory Torpedo Cutter.

My guess is that this accessory may be better suited not for real aficionados, but rather for beginner friends, or for those who do not want to have the trouble of adjusting the wider edge cutters if the job is a bit easier. But, of course, I have no words for those who want to carry a different accessory.

Speaking of ready Credo, let me talk about another product I like; Telescopic Pocket Humidor. This pocket humidor, which can be telescopically adjusted in length from Robusto to Churchill length, is covered with cedar inside and has a humidification device that will keep you going for at least two days with a single filling. The humidor, which is very practical in size, is an accessory that is both useful and has features that can take care of your cigars that you want to carry with you for a weekend. I think that the exterior covered with leather will also please the cigar enthusiasts who love the use of leather.

Enjoyable smoking for everyone ...

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