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Barcelona, Barcelona ...

For the audience, at least for me, Barcelona, Barcelona (Vicky Cristina Barcelona), a 2008 production directed by the master Woody Allen, starring names such as the undisputed beauty of Penelope Cruz, a different charisma owner Javier Bardem and Woody Allen's indispensable Scarlett Johansson. the movie must have a special place. I guess none other than Woody Allen could have succeeded in describing the love affair between three (sometimes four) people so vividly, frivolously and beautifully by using a magical city like Barcelona as a stage. I highly recommend the movie to those who don't watch it.

Now let's get to our main point. J Known, although the cinema industry is glamorous and attractive, the cigar industry, which is our main subject, is also as shining and attractive. So what does today's article relate to the first paragraph? Mystery curtain will immediately rise when I say the name of a cigar accessory brand that I have met through a special gift; HF Barcelona.

Those who know may know, but I met the brand, as I said, with HF Barcelona Pocket Humidor, who came for my birthday. After researching a little more, I thought it would be good to talk about a few interesting details and products that I came across.

The product range of the brand, which is informed that the designs were made in Barcelona, where the company is located, is limited with essential accessories. But the products are of high quality, and at the same time, their appearance is very nice and a little bit out of the ordinary; especially their humidor.

Before going into the details of the collections, let me talk about Pocket Humidor, while I have it. There are two more models of the Pocket Humidor model, which you can see in the picture with a carbon pattern - red with a carbon pattern on the side and a white edge with a wood pattern on the side. Personally, I would prefer a carbon patterned model in this humidor, which gives a very high quality product feeling when handled, even if it was not for the gift. Let's get to the details. The cover of the humidor fits zero to the body with its invisible magnet structure with sufficient power. The interior of the humidor is made of Okume wood, which is of good quality, odorless but highly moisture-resistant, which we are familiar with from Davidoff humidors. Okume wood is the choice of cigar lovers, especially those who do not want the cedar scent to mix with their cigars, and it is frequently encountered by boat lovers with its resistance to moisture.

Although its dimensions allow you to comfortably carry three cigars up to 5.9 inches (150mm) thick, only 60 rings thick, and it is called a pocket humidor, the leather cover you can comfortably carry in your pocket is not at the level of its brothers. You can carry this humidor comfortably, with pleasure and pride wherever you can go with your bag or car, preferably suitable for your long weekend trips. The humidity device, which also houses a puncher in the humidor, is secretly mounted on the top of the cover and can be removed very easily by pushing it from one side to the other with your index finger. You do moisturizing by filling the sponge inside with humidor liquid or pure water.

At this point, I would like to share a suggestion: I would like to keep your pocket or travel humidors moist even when empty, because when it is time to use it, remember that the humidity provided by the humidifier and the humidity of your cigar will be kept for itself first and then it will start to provide a suitable environment for your cigars. However, your humidors, which are humid even when empty, will keep your cigars in the right consistency without absorbing the moisture from the moment you first put them in it.

As for the other products of the brand, we see that it has a humidor-based collection suitable for every style and need, from plastic pouches with locked mouth (Convey) to the humidors (Lounge) with 5 shelves, electrical and digital humidifiers. These include desktop wood (Style, DPs) and acrylic (Lucid) humidors in different designs. My favorite is the Poker LE humidor, which contains two decks of cards with poker stamps, as well as a moisturizing device. Although it has a capacity of only 20 cigars, this product, which is limited to 200 pieces, is also a beautiful decoration piece. Apart from the humidor, an ashtray, lighter and cutter are also available.

If it arouses your interest, I think you can go and have a look. Good smoke to you all.

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