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Come on Vacation ..!

As you know, it is a holiday, a good opportunity to take a vacation and relax. So I wanted to talk a little bit about how we can carry our cigars under suitable conditions today, on vacation. In order to kill two birds with one stone, I will also talk about a new product I have bought related to the subject.

When we go on vacation, the most comfortable accessory for our cigars is of course a travel humidor. There are many humidors in different sizes and features in the market. I will talk about these in a moment. Speaking of the travel humidor, let me talk about the H.Upmann Robusto, which I just bought, because this Robusto comes in a brown leather travel humidor with its logo and a white velvet cover exclusive to H.Upmann. It is a product that I can say is very useful. Although the included Robustas are 50x4.9 '' in size, you can carry a different Robusto or smaller vitola cigars that will not exceed 4.9 '' (12.4cm) in length and are 52 or 54 rings thick. In order not to damage your cigars, the cedar of the humidor, which is made of wood, is beautifully sanded and as you can see, the inside of the cover is covered with a sponge. In order to keep the cigars fresh, there is a humidifier placed in a foam mattress on the lower zippered part. Having a sponge around is important in terms of protecting cigars against a possible water leak. As long as you do not fill the water too much, you can easily move this humidor horizontally.

If we go back to the travel humidors in general, as I said, there are humidors made of different sizes and materials that you can choose according to your taste. Recently, travel humidors made of ABS plastic, which stands out especially in terms of price, comfort and durability, are popular. Xikar Travel Humidor or Cigar Caddy are good examples of these. These humidors are Davidoff and St. Humidores that you can easily carry with you on any type of travel with their stylish and attractive structures that are resistant to air and water compared to their chic and attractive brothers like Dupont, which are leather or wood inside and cedar. These plastic humidors are usually covered with cigar-bed sponges. While these sponges provide the circulation of humid air, they also prevent your cigars from slipping, spoiling, tearing or being crushed. In addition, their waterproof structures ensure that your cigars are protected from getting wet or salted during beach or boat trips. There are humidifying devices in them to give moisture again. But instead of using them, I recommend putting a Boveda between each sponge.

Wooden or leather travel humidors also have a weight and appeal of their own. Of course, this is reflected in their prices. Even the best quality plastic humidors like Xikar are on sale for around USD 100.-, while St. Humidors of brands such as Dupont and Davidoff are far above this price. Regardless of which one you choose, I can definitely recommend you to buy a humidor for your future travels and enjoy your cigar without interruption and taste.

By the way, there is little time for the feast. At the same time, I do not want to give money to a humidor right now, I made a small suggestion for you in the forum section. You can also become a member of the forum and make suggestions by telling other members about your preparations for your trip.

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