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Cigar Knives

21. 11.2019

Until recently, cutters for cigars were pretty much evident, scissors, guillotine, punch. Now, alongside these three mainstream cutters, a more combative and "coarse" looking kind of cutter has recently joined, the knives. Although the blades were partially used before, they were generally only a last resort cutters. However, when we look at the market today, there are two brands, 3 models of "cigar knives". Judging by their popularity, different brands and models may also appear.

Les Fines Lames , a French brand, that I caught first among these knives. In the first place, they created a very large model where you can insert the cigar into the opening in the middle of the handle and cut it by closing it on itself, like a knife, pocket knife. The owner I met at the World Cigar Smoking Championship Final said that they created this product inspired by garden knives. Later, this summer, they launched the smaller "Petit" model. Although we say smaller, I would say it is a considerable size. Honestly, I could not see the product I had the chance to try using in Split as a cigar cutter. In some countries, it is not difficult to predict that it may be even more difficult to take it with you on trips, as they are of a size that will cause trouble when you are stopped by the police.

Les Fines Lames

The second knife that catches my eye is from Benchmade , an American brand. Although the brand is American, its model name is French: Aller Fumée (Let's Smoke). This knife is slightly different from Les Fines Lames both in size and shape. In addition to being a blunt and smaller blade, it has a few other features. Like a Swiss army knife, it can be used as a screwdriver, a lid opener and a money clip. You can cut up to 56 ring thickness.

Benchmade Knife
Benchmade Knife
Benchmade Knife

Although they are stylish and useful knives, as I said above, I cannot see these cutters exactly as a cigar accessory. Maybe even if it becomes easier to use with time and hand habits, it is possible to cut your own hand when using it in the first place - which was my biggest fear when I tried it, or - even if it is a bit of an exaggeration - you may stab yourself. Not to mention the difficulties in moving.

However, as with everything else, this is a matter of taste. Because, they come across quite often, especially in the world of Instagram, which means someone is using it.

What would you say?

Enjoyable smoking ...

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