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Cigar smoking requires time, requires dedication and maybe above all camaraderie. However, in today's world it is becoming more and more difficult to enjoy our premium cigars. Thankfully, the more stricter the laws become, the more places seem to be opening up in various cities around the world being cigar smokers' heaven, to enjoy their hobby individually or together.

As I travel either for business or pleasure, I try to visit these cigar heavens to write about to make fellow BOTLs and SOTLs aware of where they can enjoy their hobby. 

Enjoy your time in these magnificent cigar places.



Literally a hidden oasis in Surrey.

Cobham, England


Davidoff of Geneva

Right across the Old Twin Towers, at the edge of Manhattan, plenty of variety and relaxed atmosphere ...


No6 Cavendish logo.png

No.6 Cavendish

The new lad of the London cigar arena, No.6 Cavendish deserves an absolute visit.

London, England


SOHO Cigar Bar

Award-winning Cigar Journal, a delightful cigar place in the center of New York.


Lanesborough Logo.PNG

The Garden Room

This lovely place inside the London Lanesborough Hotel is perfect for smoking the end of the day cigars.

London, England



One of Pittsburgh's hidden treasures, it is a pleasant place to eat and afterwards cigars.

Pittsburgh, USA


Blend Bar

A delightful place with a wide variety of cigars, exclusive to Davidoff.

Pittsburgh, USA


Renaissance Bar

This place inside the famous Badrutt's Palace Hotel dazzles with its classic atmosphere and decoration.

St. Moritz, Switzerland


Charles Grech Cafe

This cafe on the main street of Valetta is perfect for both breathing and smoking cigars.

Valletta, Malta


Sahakian Lounge

Smoking cigars in London Bvlgari Hotel is a real pleasure.

London, England


Churchill Club

To smoke a pleasant cigar against the magnificent view.

Dubai, UAE

W Cigar Lounge.jpg

W Hotel

After a tight ski, when the snow is falling, to end the day with a joyful cigar ...

Verbier, Switzerland


Habana Bar

It is a small but enjoyable place to smoke cigars.

Lausanne, Switzerland


The Churchill Bar

In this space inside the Hyatt Hotel, it is possible to smoke cigars side by side with Churchill and have trouble.

London, England


Alfred dunhill

The famous humidor in the basement and the cellar with special cigar cases are worth seeing.

London, England


NO.10 Manchester

No.10 Manchester is preferred because of its centrality, its location both inside and outside.

London, England


The Garden Lounge

Corinthia, one of London's favorite hotels, also has a very nice cigar place and humidor.

London, England


AVO Lounge Lattmanns

The famous humidor in the basement and the cellar with special cigar cases are worth seeing.

Bad Ragaz, Switzerland


The Library

For those who want to smoke cigars after ski in the luxury hotel chain Schweizerhof's hotel in St. Moritz.

St. Moritz, Switzerland


The Bar

It is one of the places in Egypt where you can still smoke cigars inside.

Cairo, Egypt


Davidoff Lounge

The Davidoff Lounge inside the Einstein Hotel in St.Gallen stands out with its rich cigar selection.

St. Gallen, Switzerland


The Cigar Terrace

The cigar venue at London The Wellesley is dazzling.

London, England


Le Fumoir

Smoking cigars against Istanbul is another pleasure at Çırağan Kempinski, the pearl of the Bosphorus.

Istanbul Turkey


Wall Street Humidor

One of TRIBECA's hidden treasures.



The Jazz Bar

The cigar venue at London The Wellesley is dazzling.

Cairo, Egypt


Cigar Room

How about enjoying cigars on the terrace on the top floor of London's famous Mayfair hotel:

London, England


Havana Cigar Exchange

The new member of St. James Street in London.

Londra, İngiltere


Davidoff Ship

One of TRIBECA's hidden treasures.

Zurich, Switzerland

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-06 at 5.03.20 PM.jpeg

Cigar Bodrum

A cigar oasis surroounded by tangerine gardens.

Bodrum, Türkiye


Boisdale Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf branch, one of the most delightful examples of the Boisdale chain.

London, England

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