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Disposable; Cigarix

We know that at all times, wherever we go, for one reason or another, they may not be able to bring us an oversized cigar tray to put our cigars on. This pushes us to create a stand by using different methods so that our cigar is not damaged, contaminated and ash is formed correctly. I have mentioned it before, you also have made a stand by twisting the cap of a coke or a soda bottle.

There are different accessories available on the market that allow you to overcome this problem. I introduced one of them, Cigar Siesta, in one of my previous articles. Now I would like to mention another product that you can find on different websites: Cigarix Cigar Stand.

The difference of this compared to other conventional stands is that it is thought of as a disposable. Although it is advertised as a disposable, it is an accessory that you can use several times over and over as long as it does not get wet due to its cardboard structure. As you can see in the figure below, you can easily carry the stand, which comes as a single piece, thanks to its thinness and lightness. In addition, its slim structure allows it to be placed inside most travel humidors. When you decide to use it, it is enough to divide it into two and fix the two parts from the notches to form an "X". Here is a simple stand for you. Beware alone, I guess it may cause some problems in strong windy weather due to its lightness.

It is an accessory that you can carry without creating weight in your pocket or purse or by squeezing it into the corner by thinking about what will happen in your humidor. Since it is easily transportable, you also have the opportunity to carry more than one with you. This gives you the opportunity to share by giving one to your friends, while smoking among friends, for example .

For a reason I don't understand, the product's own website is not working yet. So I was not hesitant to share the product information a bit. However, as I mentioned above, it is possible to order the product from different websites such as Heartfelt Industries. It is generally possible to find it in packages of 5 or 25. A small amount is requested in terms of price.

I am sure you may already think of a lot of places and situations where you can use Cigarix. I wish you all a pleasant smoke in the moments that come to your mind.

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