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Now please fasten your seatbelt and

Decide on the cigar you will smoke!

Now please fasten your seat belts, set your seats up, your table closed ... we've probably heard this announcement countless times. Of course, after hearing the smell of food after a certain period of time, with the stewardess appearing next to us, "Is it meat or pasta?" I think the question is just as familiar. And what about your question, "Is it Partagas or Bolivar?" Can you imagine it coming? If the plane is not your own, or if you are not Churchill, even if you are flying first class, this is unfortunately quite difficult. Maybe not on the plane, but with the humidors that I will talk about now, you can easily play this role at home. How Does? With two creative humidor launched by Nuesch Humidor from Switzerland and Adorini from Germany.

First of all, I want to talk about Nuesch Humidor , because this brand is the first company to work on this system. The company created a humidor in the form of a wheeled cabinet by covering the interior of the in-cabin dining cabinets, which were bought from Swiss Airlines, with Spanish cedar. I guess I discovered this brand about 6 months-1 year ago and what it does. He makes a humidor in furniture sizes and styles that can be used mostly in the home. In addition, they have very successful works for lounges according to special dimensions and requests. Nuesch used 12mm thick cedar when transforming this humidor. Behind the normal cover, there are two glass covers with sealing to prevent leakage. Thus, if you wish, you can display your cigars, which you can illuminate with LED lights, together with the cabinet. Nuesch provides moisturizing with a moisturizing system developed by Nuesch, which is guaranteed for two years. The humidors that have been transformed meet with their owners after at least two weeks of testing. Humidor, with a capacity of about 500 cigars, around SFr.4,800.

Most of us are already familiar with Adorini. The brand, which makes quality humidors of all sizes and styles, has either coincided with or used a humidor. He, too, just recently introduced a food cabinet humidor to the market, similar, if not very similar, to the one Nuesch did. The biggest difference is that the outer wall of the humidor and the inside of the lid are covered with old cedar cigar box pieces. The humidor, which has 3 different sections and is humidified with Cigar Haven (included), also has a sliding stand and accessory drawer. Again, the cupboard has been covered with Spanish cedar and turned into a humidor. The official promotion of the humidor, with a price of USD 3000.- will be held at the upcoming Habanos Festival.

I love the humidor that emerge as a result of such transformations. Although I also like classical humidors covered with wood and polished 7-8 layers, such transformations actually remind us that we can turn any box or cabinet into a humidor with the right and the right materials, and different possibilities evoke ideas. Same is the Ammodor , which I mentioned in one of my previous articles. What would you say?

Enjoyable smoking ...

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