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Cigars are usually associated by men rather than women, unfortunately. Hence, women could merely be seen as the advertising aspect of the cigars. 

However, ladies, may it be in the production or may it be on the consumption side, are more and more seen on the cigar scene, in a very successful and noteworthy way. They have their own clubs, their own rituals when it comes to cigar smoking and they are expanding their community.

That's why I wanted to dedicate a special section to those ladies - known as the Sisters of the Leaf (SOTL) - that start to dominate the cigar scene. 


Anastasia Psomiadi

Claudia Wiemer4.jpg

Claudia Wiemer


Iris Hols

Maya Selva -Photo Luc Monnet.jpg

Maya Selva


air elif


Gabriela Kovacz

LinkedIn Profile.jpg

Franca comparetto

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