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New Tactic by Xikar


Xikar, which we know and love at first with its lighters and cutters, has now launched a new 3-flame blower lighter on the market. The flames on the right and left, with an 8 degree inclination, lie down to the flame in the middle, forming a pointed tip.

There is also a buckle on the back of the lighter, which has a particularly durable and slim body, which can be detached and attached with three screws and which makes it easy to carry the lighter by hanging it on the belt or anywhere.

Xikar has also kept the gas regulating valve in this lighter, as it does with a few other lighters, which provides extra convenience in the adjustment phase. Çakmak has 4 different models, mainly made up of dark colors.

More recently, Xikar's Turkey distributor in Tobacconist' hope to be offered for sale.

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