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Xikar Verano Joins Flat Flame Lighters

You remember, I wrote an article about flat flame lighters. At that time, flat flame lighters were both unknown and, for some reason, not added to their product range except for a few accessory brands. However, recently, brands have started to introduce this type of lighter one by one. Currently, Lotus (Black Label), Elie Bleu and Porsche Design are among the best known to have released this lighter. The latest example of these was Xikar Verano, which was introduced in the previous IPCPR. Xikar is a brand that sells more than any other brand in the lighter industry. Frankly, I don't know why it was so late, but being a brand that gives a lifetime warranty, I am sure that it will not go unnoticed among those who prefer such lighters.

As for the details of the lighter; Verano is similar to Xikar's other lighters. Like a few other series, it is lit with a push-down button and on the underside is an oversized, round gas adjuster that we often see on recent models. The flame is already coming out through the narrow opening at the top of the lighter.

Xikar Verano

You may immediately wonder what advantages flat flame lighters have. These lighters, which we can accept as among the normal flame and pointed blower lighters, have the advantages of both sides. Normal flame lighters may have some trouble in windy weather. However, they are more suitable for burning the foot part of the cigar without charring it. Pointed blown blowers, on the contrary, almost do not suffer in windy weather, but due to the high temperatures it reaches, it can cause trouble in the aroma of the cigar by charring the foot of the cigar when it is kept close.

Flat-end flames, on the other hand, do not suffer in wind compared to normal flame lighters, but since the tip of the flame does not condense at one point, the risk of carbonization is minimized. It literally burns the part of the cigar that we burned, like a lick. In addition to these, their gas consumption is considerably less than normal blowers. This means that you do not need to fill your lighter all the time, and since there is no need for too much gas, these models can be manufactured thinner and do not take up much space or are heavy.

I recently started using flat flame lighters quite often. I can really burn my cigars without charring, while I have little trouble outside even in windy weather. But in strong winds, when you cannot see the tip of the flame, you may not be able to understand where the flame corresponds to the cigar, and it may take a little longer to burn your cigar than the pointed flame.

Although it takes some habit in use, I still see it as a must-have lighter. If you can see it in your friends and give it a try, I recommend it. In the meantime, you can share your burning style and your experiences.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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