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Out of the Ordinary - Fallon

I guess even our newest beginners have at least one or two types of cigar sleeves, cutters, and lighter. There are so many brands on the market and there are so many different places and situations where we can smoke our cigars that there are a number of these accessories according to different situations. However, another thing I'm pretty sure about is that these accessories, especially the covers, are of the familiar type, color and style, such as either black, brown, dark brown, or carbon. Hold tight now, because you're about to change that.

Fallon is a brand that has set out to be an alternative to this exact situation. There is also the fact that its creator, Patrick Fallon, cannot find a suitable cover for his frequent and long travels. The cases are really colorful and different from each other. Almost all of the covers made from the skins of animals such as crocodile, ostrich, buffalo, stingray are of different designs and attractiveness.

Also, Patrick, especially his covers, doesn't just call it sleeves, and calls it pocket humidor, referring to the ability of each case to hold cigars for 5-7 days without the need for any other humidifiers. Also, before delivery, a Habanos cigar is kept inside for at least 7 days so that it is ready for fragrance. The covers are combined in solid colors as well as in plaid as follows. The covers are available in different sizes to carry single or multiple cigars.

Besides, of course, the designs and colors used in the cuts of the brand and their covers are also vivid and different from each other. Again, differences are created by using leather both on the sheaths but sometimes on the incisors.

In addition to this much difference, the prices of the covers are of course a bit unusual. Among the models I came across at LCDH in Switzerland, even a single cigar case was around CHF 300.-. I think the price is just as unorthodox when the materials used, style and colors are so unorthodox.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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