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Switzerland's Gift to Aficionados: The House of Grauer Chocolates

The House of Grauer invites you to enjoy the two dizzying poisons of nature. Yes, this sentence explains the purpose of The House of Grauer chocolates on their website.

Have you ever asked yourself why you always think what to drink with the cigar, but not what to eat? Luckily, taking advantage of starting cigars in Switzerland, I didn't have to ask myself this question for a long time. In my opinion, do not ask anymore and just like to drink a good quality whiskey or cognac while smoking cigars, you should think about what you can eat next.

The task of the hand-made chocolates created by the company is to ensure that you can get the flavors of the cigars you drink more distinct and richer according to their characteristics. There is even a combination table they offer you for this job. Of course, you can create your own combinations experimentally, regardless of this table. Let me even give an interesting example of pairing: The table recommends the combination of "Turkish Star Anise" bar chocolates with medium-hard musk and roasted coffee-tasting cigars.

Chocolates are shaped in three styles as Leaf, Stick and Round. There are also different flavors within these groups. You can buy it as a single variety or you can buy mixed Aficionado boxes and try different varieties at once.

When I called last week to order, they weren't receiving new orders until September 2014. Therefore, it may be difficult to obtain until this date, but I would say try it later.

Now when you talk about Switzerland and cigars, I hope you won't just think of Davidoff anymore. On the contrary, the smile created by the aromatic taste mixed with that chocolate left on your palate will appear on your face.

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