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Travel Adapter

September 2017

However, I have overlooked one of the main problems that most of us have while traveling, but I found a solution. As you know, one of the main methods used when traveling to different countries is flying. However, flying, especially overseas, means obeying all kinds of safety rules. The most important of these is that flammable and explosive materials are not taken with us. This means leaving the lighter we use to light our cigars at home, which is one of our most important accessories. Of course, if the place we are going to is not a deserted island, finding a fire is not that much of a problem, but finding the right fire can be difficult sometimes. We find a match, but we need a long one, in windy weather, we cannot burn it with a normal lighter etc .; problems that we all experience. Naturally, we can't help but think, oh, I wish I had my jet lighter with me.

Here is the simple accessory I will talk about now, it is a remedy for this problem. A simple Tokai lighter, which you can find easily and cheaply in every country, is a miracle that turns it into a jet lighter. Cigar Traveler , like an adapter that fits your plug into the socket of the country you are going to, turns a normal lighter into a powerful gas lighter that you can light your cigar. The best part is that you can take this adapter everywhere, like a socket adapter, because there is neither gas nor lighter in it. Simply, in the country you are going to, you take a lighter, take out the flint and cylinder, and put it in the adapter. Now your lighter, which only gives gas, burns out its gorgeous blue flame when you press the trigger of the adapter.

The adapter is of two types, one is CT30, which is for hand-only use, and the other is CT34, which can also stand on the table. Personally, because the CT34 is large in size, the smaller one seems more logical, but of course the preference is the user. You can also buy spare lighters from the site that sells the adapter, but guessing that you can find a cheaper one, and because of the risk of confiscation while carrying a lighter, it would be okay if you did not obtain it from the site.

The idea is amazing. It is a useful blessing that must be had while traveling. In the video below, you can see exactly how it works. At the CSWC Final, I personally used it firsthand and found it quite successful. It has a high quality feel and is comfortable to hold.

I am sure that now, when you fly to a different country, you will think of this adapter before the plug adapter.

Enjoyable smoking.

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