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Vaultek LifePod



Vaultek Safe company is a company that makes safes with high technology and practical features, especially for weapon storage. In addition to storing and securing weapons, they have now launched a new product - the Vaultek LifePod Humidor - a humidor for storing and securing equally valuable cigars under the right conditions.


In fact, the first starting point of this humidor is a bag-sized case that can be used for daily items and pistols, but can be carried easily with you. The LifePod's interior is slightly modified, and it's actually a travel humidor created in a way that resembles the cigar bags we are familiar with.

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So what makes this cigar bag or travel humidor different from others? One of the biggest differences, and most importantly, is its security. You can protect the LifePod with a number combination you create using a touch keyboard. Your humidor turns into a safe that protects your cigars. At the same time, you can securely tie the humidor with the steel rope that comes with it, similar to those used for notebook computers in general. Thus, you reduce the risk of it being stolen easily from where you left off.

LifePod Kapalı
LifePod Açık
LifePod Dokunmatik Tuşlar

Its distinctive feature is not only its security. Humidor comes with a system similar to Boveda Butler, uses a Bluetooth connection to exchange information over its own application. It shows the humidity and temperature of the humidor and gives you an audible alarm when it goes below or exceeds certain values. Of course, it also warns when the batteries fall below a certain level. The ability to provide instant information inside the humidor is a nice and useful feature.

LifePod Bluetooth
LifePod App.png

The Spanish cedar tray of the humidor has a capacity of 5 cigars, 50 rings thick, 6 "tall. If you want to carry more cigars than this, you can remove this cedar tray and put about 11 cigars on top of each other. You can place your cigars on the tray, secure them with a leather strap and prevent damage to the wrapping leaves by swinging while carrying them.


Besides the different but also important features above, the cigar bag or humidor has similar features with their equivalents in the market. You can put credit cards and a few different accessories on the cover. side On the side where the cigars are, there is a compartment where you can put your lighter.

LifePod Aksesuar.jpg
LifePod Purolu.jpg
LifePod Yancı.png

You can get this sleek looking and multifunctional travel humidor for $ 280, which is obviously a pretty high price, compared to travel humidors like the Xikar. Even if you add a Boveda Butler to Xikar to show the humidity and heat information, you are still below the LifePod in terms of price. However, the safety, innovation and elegance offered by the LifePod outshine the rest. Still, does it justify the difference in price, it's up to you, what do you think?


Enjoyable smoking ...

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