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The Cigar Authority is a Podcast that started with 2 test broadcasts in 2010 and includes various conversations about cigars. The broadcast takes place on the ground floor of a cigar store, and customers can watch and listen to the broadcast live while smoking their cigars. ​

Cook Book Kapak

Although there are minor changes in the cast of the show, the current cast of the broadcast, David Garofalo, Mr. Jonathan celebrates his 12th birthday with Barry Stein and Ed Sullivan.

In 2021, the group is also publishing a cookbook so that the enjoyment of cigars will continue after the podcast. But the book is not just any recipe book. Because the book can accompany different cigars.  It contains different recipes and these recipes are shared by the well-known names of the cigar world.

Who isn't among those who share their preferred cigars and accompanying recipes: Rocky Patel shares a lamb chop tandoori recipe to pair with the RP 1992 Vintage; Hanke Kelner shares a pasta recipe she named herself to pair with the Smoking Jacket from Kelner Boutique Factory. Karl Malone, the lead actor from the years the Utah Jazz took the Michael Jordan's Bulls to root, shares an Etouffee recipe to pair with his own cigar brand, Karl Malone.

There are a total of 54 recipes like this in the book. Some are simple, some are more complex, but what they all have in common is the belief that they pair well with cigars. Of course, everyone's taste buds are different, but it's interesting to see which cigar and which food different people from the cigar world prefer.  

As for me, I don't much prefer pairing cigars with main course. More snacks seem more appropriate to me. But as I said, I think it would not be right to say that there is only one truth to this.

If you want, you can share your own recipe or pairing suggestions below.  

Happy smoking...

Makarna Tarifi
Kuzu Pirzola Tarif
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